Node.js CheatSheet

Download Node.js : & More: 1. Synopsis // An example of a web server written with Node which responds with 'Hello World'. // To run the server, put the code into a file called example.js and execute it with the node program. http.createServer(function (request, response) { response.writeHead(200, {'Content-Type': 'text/plain'}); response.end('Hello World\n'); }).listen(8124); console.log('Server... Continue Reading →

How to install Anaconda on Windows?

Hello Guys, I am again comes with my new article on Anaconda Python Distribution. In this we tell you how to download and install Anaconda with verifying your installation so without wasting your precious time lets start. As you know Anaconda is a free and open-source distribution of the Python and R programming languages for scientific computing (data science, machine learning applications, large-scale data processing, predictive analytics,... Continue Reading →

MonoDevelop and How to Install MonoDevelop in Ubuntu?

MonoDevelop is an open-source integrated development environment for Linux, macOS, and Windows. It's used for the development of projects that use Mono and .NET frameworks. It is also known as Xamarin Studio. MonoDevelop’s features are similar to NetBeans and Microsoft Visual Studio, like automatic code completion, source control, a graphical user interface (GUI) and Web... Continue Reading →

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