How to configure your own mail server using hMailServer?

How to Set Up hMailServer?

Hello Guys, This time we come with our new tutorial on How to configure your own mail server for your business, for learning and for some advance skills. So in this article we learn How to set up hMailServer on Virtual Private Server or Dedicated Server, including the configuration of SMTP, TCP/IP ports and Internet. If you did like to know the steps to install hMailServer, please refer to-

Before starting this, you need to prepare the following things and make sure they work.

  • A specific domain (take as an example) that is pointed to the VPS.
  • You have a sub-domain, pointed to the VPS.
  • You have already set a MX record at domain registrar and make sure the value is set as


You should set three records, they are:

        Type             HostValue
A@The IP of targeted VPS
AmailThe IP of targeted VPS

If those were done, now let’s get a start to set up hMailServer!


Please open hMailServer, select the target and hit Connect button. And then the following interface shows up.

You can see Add domain button here, click it, add the specific domain and click Save.

Then open –“Use that you whatever you want”) and going to– Accounts and — Add then flil address.

then create a same another account regarding test

both account created after going to —Utilities open then select– Diagnostics then select the domain then after –start

mail server are created then configured mail

Mail configure regarding using software Mozilla Thunderbird.

After installing open Mozilla Thunderbird

first fill mail accounts details after click Manual config

screen short attched same filp

incoming select POP3 then server hostname is enter the server system ip and re-test enter

then configure another system

server hostname is hmail server’s IP then Re-test

then click I understand the risks and done

then check

and finally you can successfully sent and receive mail.

I hope you like our article if you have any query regarding this or any issue mention in comment section and our latest article don’t forget to follow our page on Facebook and WordPress.

Thank You

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