How to Download Scribd Paid Documents Free?

Hello Guys, This time we come back with a new article on Scribd. Many User’s found your searched documents on Scribd but they can’t download Scribd Document with premium login. So guys we have a solution for you to download your searched document from Scribd.

As you know Scribd is the best platform to share the knowledge as well as projects or many documents of various fields. Scribd is the best app for students as they can share their projects, which helps many students to get the project done. That’s why we shared these techniques which will help you to get your documents downloaded on your device. Now, we will discuss with you few methods to Download Documents From Scribd. Without wasting time Lets Start.

Methods To Download Scribd Paid Documents Without Paying Any Single Coin

1. Using Mozilla Firefox

In this method, you have to install the addon in Firefox Browser. That addon will help you to bypass the payment page, and you can easily download your paid documents of Scribd for free.

Note:- This is only for Linux, Mac and Windows User.

Step 1: If you don’t have Firefox Browser then Download Firefox on your device and open it.


Step 2: After Step 1, Download and install GreaseMonkey from Firefox Addons by clicking on this link.

Step 3: After Step 2. Now you have to download the user script of Scribd on GreaseMoney by clicking on this link.

Step 4: Now open Scribd Website and search your document. After searching you will see Download button there now click on that. This script will bypass the payment page and the document will download in your device.

2. Using

Method 2 is a website which help you to download the Scribd paid documents free.


Step 1: Open any browser in your device and open Scribd Website there.

Step 2: Now search your document which you want to download in your device after searching copy its url.

Step 3: Now open Website and paste the copied url on this website. After that, click on the download button for start download.

Step 4: Here you are done your document will download in a few secs.

3) Using Dlscrib

Method 3 is quite similar to the second one. You have to perform the same steps for download your file on Scribd.


Step 1: Open Scribd  Website in any of your device.

Step 2: After open Scribd Website, search your document which you want to download.

Step 3: Copy the url of your document and open Dlscrib Website and paste that copied url on this website.

Step 4: After pasting the url you will get the download url. Just click on that download url and the download begin in few seconds.

Conclusion:- So, the conclusion is with the help of these methods; you can download your Scribd documents free. There is no need to pay for the download of documents.

I hope you like our article if you have any query regarding this or any article mention in comment section.
Thank You:-)

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