Best Encryption Tools For Windows:-

Hello Guys, As you know we have lots of Top encryption software’s available on the Internet World. But, in our article We have selected some software’s which are the top on Encryption Software’s list, based on their features and cost. I hope, this information will help you to find best for you. Let’s without wasting your time. If you have any doubt and suggestion about this or any article mention in comment freely.

By Default Windows 10 has come with the Encryption Facility. You can use this default feature of the windows and protect your data. But, This method is slower then the usual software’s method.

1. Bitlocker


BitLocker is one comes with Microsoft Windows so, you do not need to install it externally. You just have to turn it on for protecting your PC from attackers. If you are not finding this tool in your Window then you can also download this tool from official Microsoft Site.

2. AxCrypt 


One of the best we found Encryption Tool for Windows 10 PCs. You can use it for encrypting almost every file on your device. This tool uses the Most advanced and popular 128-bit encryption technique to protect your Data from unauthorized access. Simply select a file – right click and you can call the program easier to encrypt the file.

3. DiskCryptor


This tool does not encrypt single or multiple files. This tool is mainly designed for protecting the whole Drive itself. So, If you have any external storage drive or you want to protect your internal drive itself. You can simply use this program and you will get your job done in few minutes.

4. VeraCrypt


This is another encryption tool and it support mac and windows. You can use it to protect any files of yours – no matter ‘How big file size’. You can simply encode them using this program. So, install and protect your important data using this tool.

5. 7-Zip

A basic file compression and file encryption tool. Everyone has this tool but no one know the power of this tools. You can’t assume the high level of security with this kind of encryption software. But, still, 7-zip is one of the most known and effective file compressors and encryption tool on the internet.

6. Gpg4win


Another encryption tool to encrypt drive or files – which has it’s own features and benefits comparison of other programs in this list. It has a simple GUI. It’s simple and easy to use. it makes the users comfortable with its usage.

7. Dekart Private Disk

This is the last but not the least tool for Data encryption. It is a great tool to protect and keep your files on the digital form. You can select various settings as you need and change the tool’s encryption settings for your files.

Thank You🙂

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