How can fix Common Security issues in System by using some Tools?

 The browsers becoming an important aspect and application in our computer system.

Pop-up messages are one item that one should expect to see in the course of one’s browsing session. This message is usually in the form of an advertisement requesting one to click on it. Once one see numerous pop-up messages appearing on one’s browser, one should be rather cautious with them since it could be an indication that one are a victim of malware infection. It is highly advisable that one avoid clicking on the ads since one might install a malware with the notion that one are updating a certain driver.


 Browser redirection is also some other nasty technique that cyber criminals use. one realize that one are trying to search something through Google or Bing and the search results direct one to another site. One’s browser is out of the norm and could just indicate that one is a victim of some malware or virus infection.


  1. Slow Performance :

Slow browser performance is another problem that one might experience when browsing. The presence of some malware in one’s computer system.

  • Internet connectivity problem :

Computer can also result into issues with one’s network access. The malware present in one’s computer system limits one’s access to the internet or directs one to other unwanted places. The malware may prevent one from accessing an anti-virus online.

  • PC Locks-up

Malware programs embedded in one’s computer system. One might find out that one’s computer is taking ages to boot. This should automatically signify the presence of some malware which is interrupting the normal functioning of one’s computer.

  • File Permission changes

File name find out that one do not have the permission to open or run some particular applications. This is done by cyber criminals by possible causing some encryption on files in one’s computer so as to limit one’s ability to make any changes. 

  • Rename system files

Malware authors try to have full control of one’s computer system by making some alterations on the files and discover that some of the system files have been renamed.

  • Hijacked Mail

 The send one emails prompting one to carry out some particular activity after which one might be a victim of malware attack or computer hacking.


  •  Anti-Virus software

Anti-virus program is the best way to have some real-time security watch on one’s computer so as to prevent viruses from accessing one’s computer system. The anti-virus program has some in-built capabilities that enable it to identify all virus signatures and block them from infecting one’s computer.

  •  Anti-Malware software

Anti-malware software are sometimes bundled or rather integrated into an anti-virus program in such a manner that they both function in the same way.

  • Anti-spyware software

This is a program that checks for any spy programs that could be trying to access one’s computer system. At times, it is normally integrated in one’s anti-virus program and therefore buying it might not be of much necessity.

  • Systems Restore

The system restore is another important utility that becomes of much importance in case one want to get back to some particular restoration point possibly after installing a software that is causing trouble to one. The system restore is available in all versions of Windows so one should not be worried. The system restore cannot be termed as 100%efficient when it comes to the removal of malware. 

  • Recovery console

The recovery console is a special type of utility that is found in Windows 10 , Windows 7 , Windows XP & Vista it is called the command prompt. This is a utility that enables one to gain access of all the computer system files even before the computer boots up. Windows 10 , windows 7 & Vista, the system recovery options can enable one to access the command prompt.

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