What is Facebook Pixel and How it is work?

A Facebook pixel is an analytics tool to check the effectiveness of your Facebook advertising. By installing it into your website, you can truly see your ads’ performance because the pixel can track every users’ interactions on your website after a click on your ad.
When someone clicks on your website from an ad and takes an action, like purchasing any product, your Facebook pixel will trigger and report about the action to you in Facebook Ads manager.

The Facebook pixel gives you deep insight into your marketing strategy because it checks your ad’s conversion rate. This adds have another layer of analytics that gives you a clear picture of your buyer’s journey from ad to purchase a product. For example, if one of your ads’ click-through-rate is high, but the conversion rate is low, then your ad creative and landing page probably aren’t aligned.

What Actions Can a Facebook Pixel Track?
When someone takes an action on your website after clicking on an ad, your Facebook pixel records it as an event.

Facebook can track 9 of them:

  • View content – Track key page views of the article, landing page, product page.
  • Search – Track products on your website for searches.
  • Add to cart – Track when items are added to cart.
  • Add to wishlist – Track when items are added to wishlist.
  • Initiate checkout – Track when people enter your checkout flow.
  • Add payment info – Track when people add payment information during the checkout flow.
  • Make a purchase – Track purchases or checkout flow completions
  • Lead – Track when someone becomes a lead like a form submission, sign up for a trial, etc.
  • Complete registration – Track when someone completes a registration form.

How to Create a Facebook Pixel
On February 15, 2017, Facebook combined the conversion tracking pixel and the custom audience pixel and create a Facebook pixel, which means they no longer support the old conversion tracking pixel for ad creation. If you installed a conversion tracking pixel before then, you need to install the new Facebook pixel.

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