Some useful Website’s for Bloggers and Web Admin’s

Hello Guys, I am back again with new article for Bloggers or Website Administrator. These website’s very useful for new bloggers and Website Administrator. It helps to increase traffic, monitoring Traffic etc. If you have any issue regarding this article mention in comments.

1. Alexa


Alexa website ranks all website, with Alexa you see any website position, rank and visitor status. If you are blogger you always need good Alexa rank and bounce rate.  If your Alexa rank high that means you done very good work on your website SEO. It’s helps you, when you make new website always submit your website in

2. Gtmetrix


Gtmetrix is site for wordpress blogger and other cms website makers. Gtmetrix scores your website from  1 to 100. Gtmetrix analyze your website on many parameters like website page load speed, content size, images and many other parameters. Gtmetrix also give you reasons why your website slow and how you make your website faster. When you make a new wordpress blog always try this website and check your website score.

3. Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the best tool from Google. Google Analytics analyze your website for analytics or stats. With google analytics you see your real-time visitor and page views of your website.

4. Builtwith


Builtwith check and find any website build. With Builtwith you see any website under structure. You can see website server name, dns provider, analytics tracking, plugins and framework. You can see your website data and see other website date for seo.

5. Siteworthtraffic


Siteworthtraffic show you average earning of any website per month. You can also see worth price of any website, see alexa rank and other website health.

6. Sitecheck


This website scans your wordpress website and other wordpress website for malware. You can scan your website for malware, virus and other suspicious activity.



Pingdom measures any website loading speed. You can also measure your website for loading speed. If your website faster ,user open your website without waiting that is also for very good for SEO.

8. Buffer


With Buffer you can scheduled posts on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. You can also add your website rss feed in Buffer for automatic posting in Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.



Feedly is the main hub where you get all your favorite website latest articles. If you are a blogger you always be updated with latest news. In Feedly you can subscribe your favourite website rss feed and read all latest news from one place.

10. Brokenlinkchecker


When you run big blogger website, many of your blogger posts links or Internal are dead. If your website user get broken link or 404 Page that is not good for your website and for SEO. Brokenlinkchecker check your website for broken links.

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