How to Use Windows 10 Laptop as a Wireless Monitor for another PC

There are a options to extend the screen visibility of the computer devices by attaching two or up to three screens to one single CPU. It is all a new method to get the laptop in use. Or the laptop can also be used for the tracking of the other computer device by acting it as the second monitor. It is hard to find the method for making the laptop work as a wireless monitor. Here in this article, we have written about the method to use the Windows Laptop as a Wireless monitor for another PC.

How to Use a Windows Laptop as a Wireless Monitor (for Another PC)

One day I wanted to cast my Windows screen right on my android and I was thinking about the method by which I can do this so I researched over the internet to get some methods that can be used here. And I got a few methods like using screen sharing software and one sharing over LAN etc but that was not that much convenient at all. So I tried all the methods so that I can get the one which works perfectly for me and my technical visitors can also implement this also. And then I got one cool tool that did this job for me. So have a look at the complete guide in which I have attached screenshot step by step.

Steps to Use a Windows Laptop as a Wireless Monitor (for Another PC):

#1 “Projecting“- Write this keyword inside the start menu search bar and then on your laptop click on the result naming “Projecting to this PC“. Now in the results section if the device shows the option- “This device doesn’t support receiving Miracast” then this means that the laptop cannot be used as the wireless monitor as the feature is not supported.

#2 First of all click on the start menu and then search for the “Projecting to this PC” and if the search results redirect then choose the “Projecting to this PC” from the search results.

#3 When the above step is processed then you will be taken to the settings window from where you need to select- “Available everywhere” or “Available everywhere on secure networks.” While you select this options where the second one is to prevent the wireless cast of the device on any random device. Make the preferences to the casting of the screen. Remember to select or enable the Require PIN for Pairing feature when you are going to set the preferences. This would set the feature to work only after the PIN is filled accurately. So you need to make sure that you entered the correct one.

#4 Press Windows+P on the windows PC so as to go to the Project menu. Slide from the right and then select the Project option from the Action Center instead. Find and select your device that shows up in the list from there. This will then process the hosting of the screen on the laptop as a monitor and the setting for the monitor as well as a PIN for pairing will be asked. Fill it up and let the connection establish automatically. And once that is done you will screen will be cast on the screen.

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